Lucknow! 5 Quick Nawabi Facts

Lucknow is extended along the banks of River Gomti. The city is known as the centre of Urdu Poetry, and the tradition has been followed since the Reign of Wajid Ali Shah, a Mughal Emperor who is said to be a connoisseur of Music & Poetry. Lucknow is considered as the city being synonymous with Nawabi Culture. The Imperialistic splendour and magnificence of the Nawabi Era has been glorified and Praised down the ages by writers, poets and historians alike. The City of Nawabs offers a bygone Era of Nawabi culture which is inherited in the nature, way of communication & life style of the Lucknowites which is observed by everyone.
It can’t be called as cross cultural city, as Lucknow has emerged powerful enough in defying the extremist laws of the prevailing communities. It’s a city of mixed culture incorporating both Hindu & Muslim lifestyles. There is a fine thread which subtly binds the two cultures into tight knots, and this is food. People of all communities enjoy the Awadhi & Mughal cuisine.

5 Quick Facts about visiting Lucknow

1. Culture – The city is blend of mixed communities and cultures. People of all religions and beliefs live here with utmost love and togetherness.

2. Tehzeeb-e-Lucknow –Tehzeeb is considered as Historical as well as Cultural Identification of the City of Nawabs. Though things have been changed over decades, it is still the tehzeeb that sets Lucknow apart from all other Cities of India.

3. Cuisine –Lucknow follows the tradition of Awadhi cuisine. It was called as the ‘Land, where recipes are precious than gold’. The mouth-watering Kebab Paratha, Biryani, Korma, Seek Kebab & other dishes are world famous delicacies.

4. Art & Handicraft – Lucknow was and is the centre of chikan embroidery, renowned for its timeless grace and its gossamer delicacy, a skill more than 200 years old. The craft is alive and struggling to regain some of its former beauty and elegance. Chikan embroidery is done on fine cotton fabric. The design to be embroidered is printed on the fabric with wooden blocks, using fugitive colours, which are commonly made by mixing a glue and indigo with water.

5. Heritage – Lucknow is a city synonymous with the Nawabi Culture. The imperialistic splendour and magnificence of Nawabi Era has been the magnificent edifices standing proudly among the architectural skyline of the city are living examples of the Nawabs architectural ingenuity. Modern Lucknow, spread evenly on both sides of river Gomti, is a perfect blend of the ancient with the modern, as many glitzy shopping arcades coexist with the old monuments. The greatest attraction of Lucknow, where the past jostles with the present, is its unique ability to achieve harmony amidst disorder and to assimilate the new into the old.

Lucknow, the City of Nawabs with the imperialistic blend of synonymous communities binded with the fine thread of Love, affection, Culture and Togetherness is a treat for all age travellers to feel the unity with the diversity
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