The EduTrips is an educational travel & tourism service start-up based in Lucknow and offers services for major destinations around the world.
We aim to provide unique educational tour & travel solution to students and teachers; which will increase their knowledge and widens their perspective.
Our experienced team of dedicated employees help schools, colleges & universities to plan & organize almost every type of Educational Tours, Subject Tours, Field Trips or Sports Tour.

With EduTrips™, we offer exceptional educational tour & travel solution for students and teachers.

We passionately work to customize & organize all the tours as per the requirement of student & teachers. For example: Subject Tours may be organized to study Architecture, Culture, Engineering, History, Science & Language etc. Sports Tour to watch any national – international championships live & to attend any training camp. To know more visit Our Services page.
Usually EduTrips includes air travel, ground transportation, comfy accommodations, food, a full-time trip manager, resource person and local guides etc.
Our commitment is to put education first, provide interactive environment & exciting experience for travellers on EduTrips. Our teams of professionals are perfectly trained in their trade with exceptional experience.
We always stand by for the standards, quality & nutritious food. Security and accommodation in healthy environment are at the heart of our services.


To boost the spirit of inquiry, innovation, creativity, leadership among students and promote entrepreneurship, sports & games. Strengthen our position as a global leader in Education Travel Industry by helping students, teachers, educational institutions, companies, Govt. & Non Govt. organization with our turn-key Education Travel Solution.


Our strategy is to carefully understand & passionately work for all your touring needs.
We are committed to boost the spirit of inquiry, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship & leadership among students and teachers. We work hard to fulfil the curious needs of all the sorts of learner. We help students to find their right talent & abilities and encourage them to bring it out.
With our unique services and activities, we teach, inspire & motivate all sort of learner to expand their knowledge and develop new skills.


To reach and benefit One (01) million students & teachers with our services by 2020 thru associating–assisting school, colleges, universities, companies, Govt. and Non Govt. organizations.

HOW EduTrips™ WORKS ?

You just need to get in touch with us, for all your tour requirements; we will offer you tailor made packages of Educational Tours/Subject Tours, Field Trips and Sports Trips. You may also contact us for your personal tour & travel requirement to attend events like workshop, fair, seminar, conference, summit, interview etc.
For more information or quote mail us at [email protected] or call at +91-902-622-2668


We are always keen to meet talented visionary individuals with a passion to change the world. If you feel you have the drive determination and compassion to be part of our team contact us on at [email protected]

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