Things you need to know

What is EduTrips?

EduTrips, an emerging yet exceptional educational travel solution start-up founded by a few budding entrepreneurs with a passion to transform the educational travel into an experiential journey of life. As the time is moving harmoniously we have more helping hands with us as a team as well as some budding entrepreneurs.

Where EduTrips is located?

It’s headquarter is at Lucknow. To know address click on ‘Contact us’ page.

What EduTrips offers?

It offers a complete Education Tour & Travel solution for Students & Teachers. Trips are available to all major tourist & educational destination across India.

Who are EduTripians?

Student & Teachers who have travelled with EduTrips are referred as EduTripians.

What are the benefits of EduTrips?

a. EduTrips is a multi-activity tour & travel program where several training & educational programs could be clubbed to reward the Students & Teachers for skills development
b. It has a huge bundle of activities for experiential learning.
c. EduTripians get the experience of our unique platform specifically designed for Educational Tours.

What dose EduTrips Tours include?

EduTrips offers turnkey solution, usually packages includes return train/bus/air tickets, on tour transportation, accommodation, major meals, sightseeing, tour guide, educational programs & training activities etc.

How can I Go on EduTrips?

Planning to go on an EduTrips through of our website “” is hassle-free.
To book EduTrips, click on the Browse Tour page, finalize your destination, submit your query
with contact details. Our team will get in touch with you.

What are the eligibility criteria to go on EduTrips?

The eligibility requirement varies with the packages/tours however some basic criteria to go on an EduTrips are:

a. Above the age of 18years
b. A mailing address in India or valid Visa (for Non-Indians)
c. Confirmation/consent from guardian/school authority.
d. Should know how to keep calm and well-mannered with a group/team.

Is there any limit to go on EduTrips?

No, you can go multiple times as per your wish. There is no limit to explore the world on educational journey with EduTripsTM. To know more details please explore our website.

From when will the new session of EduTrips begin?

Tours are available throughout the year and it’s a very convenient to plan a customized trip considering the semester/exam time. So always be ready to go on EduTrips if you are not busy in your exam/semester schedule. Contact for more details or go to home page.

What are Field Trips?

Field Trips are designed to extend classroom learning by providing an opportunity to see and experience the actual places, flora and fauna, or phenomena that are only described in textbooks and lectures.

What is the duration of Field Trips?

Generally the duration of any Field Trip may be a class period or longer, and could extend over multiple days.

How to get a quotation for any tour requirement?

Fill the enquiry form on website, or send an email with your requirement at [email protected] or simply call EduTrips Team at +91-902-622-2226.

How is the accommodation arrangement on EduTrips?

Separate accommodation is provided for girls and boys at Youth Hostels, Brand Hotels & Resorts.