Goa – The Most Happening Tourist Destination: 5 Fast Facts

Renowned for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture, Goa is India’s smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Located in West India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, Goa, a tropical earth of blues and greens stretches along the Arabian Sea and smoothly unfolding calm vistas of sun kissed beaches, lush paddy fields, charming churches, tortuous rivers, wooded hills and mind blowing Portuguese architecture. Panaji is the state’s capital, while Vasco da Gama is the largest city. The historic city of Margao still exhibits the cultural influence of the Portuguese. Goa is a former Portuguese colony; the Portuguese overseas territory of Portuguese India existed for about 450 years until it was annexed by India. Goa, for its entire laidback attitude is still one of the most happening tourist destinations in the world.

5 Fast Facts about Goa

1. Beaches – Goa is home to a number of 36 beaches all around the place, with spectacular view, famous amongst the foreign tourists, Sunbathe for relaxation and in taking Vit D, Water Scooters, Banana Boats, Wind Surfing, Parasailing, sand paintings & Sculptures for fun and frolic..

2. Food – Lobster, prawns, different types of fishes are the accompaniment sea foods as well as the traditional Goan delicacies are just mouth-watering as Vindaloo, Sorpotel and Sol Kadi to enhance the taste buds.

3. Liberal Culture – Being the only city in India with Liberal thoughts especially for women, be the way you are or you want is the funda for females in Goa as, they are free to wear whatever they want..

4. Nightlife – Casinos, Nightclubs and Discotheques are at its best for Boosting up the Nightlife of the city as well as, the Rave parties and other Theme Festivals held in there

5. Sports – Adventures Sports Hub Goa has a lot to offer as Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Water Skiing, Snorkelling, Banana Boat ride, Jet Skiing, Wind Surfing are some of the Adventure sports Goa is best for.

The sun kissed Beaches, Delicious Goan recipes, amazing Nightlife and majestic Portugal Architecture is all Goa about. A perfect holiday spot with loads of fun & adventure is just a delight for the travellers planning for vacations in summers.
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My Educational Tour Experience

An Educational Tour is a part of the academic experience in most Schools and Colleges. Such tours help students to understand first-hand about various subjects.
For instance, schools, Colleges may take students on Educational tours to zoos & parts to acquaint them with Flora and Fauna. It is one thing to see the picture of an Animal or a Plant in a book and quite another to see it face to face.
An Educational Tour is a Fun Filled experience as the tour may be too far away places. It is an opportunity for students to have a jolly time together. For some days they can forget about classes & exams. The travel by bus or train with students singing songs and enjoyment with teachers is an Unforgettable experience. Even onlookers feel an infectious enthusiasm when they see a bus load of students singing in a gaily abandon and waving.
The Proximity of friends and the absence of parents is an invitation to mirth & mischief. Some close friends may be forged during this period for we understand more about people when we stay with them for some days.
At last the long- awaited day came or my Halcyon day came for which I was waiting fidgety…When I along with my companions started off to Dehradun/Mussoorie on an Educational Tour by Varanasi-Dehradun Express on 8th evening. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations of north India.
There was a lot of excitement and sense of adventure in all of us. I do not know much about others but I was more excited because it was my first tour to any hill station. We were accompanied by Mr. Abdul, EduTrips tour manager & Dr Sajid Khan, the course co-ordinator.

Next morning we reached at Dehradun railway station at 6:35 am. We were all put up in a royal hotel. Our tour was of three night and four days.
After the breakfast all of us got ready to go to Forest Research Institute. This was a unique place and well known institute in the field of Forestry. Where in the museums old ways of preserving things were preserved. I was especially enthralled to see the way in which water was stored and some antique pieces of furniture that was hundreds of years old.

After the lunch we went to see Robber’s cave, Gucchupani is one of the names of Robber’s cave, situated at the distance of 8km from the city center. It is 600 meter long cave having Small River inside it. Then we went to see Sahastrdhara, which means the “thousand springs” is one of the best picnic spots. It is an eye pleasing waterfall of 9 meters that attracts the tourists place has also sulphur spring famous for its medicinal values. It is believed that it cares skin.

After the dinner we all of us gathered for the day review session. During this time all of us shared our experiences of the day. Along with this there were other activities conducted by EduTrips Team. The team was very courteous, they organized various educational activities.
On the second day we went to the Wild Life Institute of India, where we were enlighten about the rare and extinct animals that we were getting extinct year after year. We were also told that poaching is largely responsible for this condition.

After the lunch we had some cool time at the Water Park. After the Dinner, as the previous day we had activities and evaluation of the day.
On the third day we climbed the Mussoorie Hills. This is covered with elegant Scenic beauty. That night we stayed at a hotel on Mall Road. On the following day we went to see Kempty Fall, one of the natural water falls. That night too we had evaluation. I felt our stay at Mussoorie was too short as I didn’t want to leave such an awesome place.

On June 12th, night we started back our journey to Lucknow by Doon Express. The saddest part is coming back home to the same old routine. But I was also happy that during the course of this educational tour I learnt a lot like how to be co-operative and munificent when you are away from your home. This was the memorable and wonderful tour and moment of my life. All credit goes to our course coordinator Dr. Sajid Khan for booking our Trip with EduTrips.

Neha Srivastava,
EduTrips Student Traveller, 2014
From Integral University, Lucknow

Author: Guest

Lucknow! 5 Quick Nawabi Facts

Lucknow is extended along the banks of River Gomti. The city is known as the centre of Urdu Poetry, and the tradition has been followed since the Reign of Wajid Ali Shah, a Mughal Emperor who is said to be a connoisseur of Music & Poetry. Lucknow is considered as the city being synonymous with Nawabi Culture. The Imperialistic splendour and magnificence of the Nawabi Era has been glorified and Praised down the ages by writers, poets and historians alike. The City of Nawabs offers a bygone Era of Nawabi culture which is inherited in the nature, way of communication & life style of the Lucknowites which is observed by everyone.
It can’t be called as cross cultural city, as Lucknow has emerged powerful enough in defying the extremist laws of the prevailing communities. It’s a city of mixed culture incorporating both Hindu & Muslim lifestyles. There is a fine thread which subtly binds the two cultures into tight knots, and this is food. People of all communities enjoy the Awadhi & Mughal cuisine.

5 Quick Facts about visiting Lucknow

1. Culture – The city is blend of mixed communities and cultures. People of all religions and beliefs live here with utmost love and togetherness.

2. Tehzeeb-e-Lucknow –Tehzeeb is considered as Historical as well as Cultural Identification of the City of Nawabs. Though things have been changed over decades, it is still the tehzeeb that sets Lucknow apart from all other Cities of India.

3. Cuisine –Lucknow follows the tradition of Awadhi cuisine. It was called as the ‘Land, where recipes are precious than gold’. The mouth-watering Kebab Paratha, Biryani, Korma, Seek Kebab & other dishes are world famous delicacies.

4. Art & Handicraft – Lucknow was and is the centre of chikan embroidery, renowned for its timeless grace and its gossamer delicacy, a skill more than 200 years old. The craft is alive and struggling to regain some of its former beauty and elegance. Chikan embroidery is done on fine cotton fabric. The design to be embroidered is printed on the fabric with wooden blocks, using fugitive colours, which are commonly made by mixing a glue and indigo with water.

5. Heritage – Lucknow is a city synonymous with the Nawabi Culture. The imperialistic splendour and magnificence of Nawabi Era has been the magnificent edifices standing proudly among the architectural skyline of the city are living examples of the Nawabs architectural ingenuity. Modern Lucknow, spread evenly on both sides of river Gomti, is a perfect blend of the ancient with the modern, as many glitzy shopping arcades coexist with the old monuments. The greatest attraction of Lucknow, where the past jostles with the present, is its unique ability to achieve harmony amidst disorder and to assimilate the new into the old.

Lucknow, the City of Nawabs with the imperialistic blend of synonymous communities binded with the fine thread of Love, affection, Culture and Togetherness is a treat for all age travellers to feel the unity with the diversity
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The ‘Pink City’ Jaipur! Quick Facts

Jaipur is a bustling capital city with all the trappings of a modern metropolis but yet flavoured strongly with an age-old charm. The old Jaipur is painted in Pink can grip any visitor with admiration and Stunning backdrop of ancient forts like Nahargarh, Amer, Jaigarh and Moti Doongari are apt testimonials of the bygone era and a reminder of their lingering romance and chivalry.
Jaipur is called as the Pink City because there was one time, when all the houses in Jaipur were of pink colour, though it’s not the same now but in old city area there are still several houses which are pink in colour.
Folklore of heroism and romance resound from the formidable monuments that majestically stand to tell the tale of a bygone era. Jaipur’s bazaars sell embroidered leather shoes, blue pottery, tie and dye scarves and other exotic wares. Western Rajasthan itself forms a convenient circuit, in the heart of the Thar Desert which has shaped its history, lifestyles and architecture.

5 Quick Facts about Jaipur

1. Culture – Being Located in east of Rajasthan, this city of Jaipur is popular of the amazing forts and stupendous palaces. This royal town has magnificent architecture and is the first planned city of India. The buildings here are made with pink-painted sandstone which brings it the name of Pink City. With fantastic attractions all around the city, it invites tourists from all over the world. Jaipur’s rich cultural heritage is displayed in the traditions, customs, lifestyle, art and architecture of this place.

2. Art & Crafts – The Mughal and Rajput rulers used to invite skilled artists and craftsmen from India and abroad to display and share their abilities with the people of Jaipur. Some of the artful talents of artisans includes: Bandhani, Block printing, Stone carving and Sculpture, Tarkashi, Zari, Gota, Kinari and Zardozi, Silver Jewellery, Gems, Kundan, Meenakari and Jewellery, Miniature paintings, Blue Pottery, Ivory carving, Shellac work, Leather ware etc.

3. Cuisine – The pink city Jaipur serves scrumptious cuisines that are known throughout India, dishes like Dal Bati Churma, Missi Roti, and sweets like Ghevar, Feeni, Gajak, Chaugun ke laddu, Moong Dhal, to name a few. Rajasthani cuisine is full of nutrition since it’s made in ghee and butter; and is generally vegetarian.

4. Adventure – Jaipur, is a city of adventure as activities like Camel and Elephant Safari, Boating & Polo are just perfect adventure delights for the day.

5. Shopping – Jaipur has a number of markets which offer traditional jewellery, Fabrics with block prints, Tie & Dye, Bandhej etc. some of the prominent bazaars also have Handicrafts, Mojaris, Antiques, Rajasthani Furniture and much more

Jaipur, the ‘Pink City’ of Rajasthan, traps the Travellers across nation by its stunning Architecture, colourful Attire and mouth-watering Delicacies. It’s a delight for young adventure lovers as well with the Traditional Camel and Elephant Safaris.
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